When the Dexter’s visited from America the children welcomed them with singing and dancing and praising the Lord. The workers played the drums, and it was a joyous day. 

The children eat posho (made from corn flour and water) for breakfast and beans and posho for lunch and dinner. The workers cook over an open fire then wash the dishes with water from the well.  The water has to be hauled up by the children and workers everyday!

This is the well that all the water is gathered from to use for food, and washing. The children make the trek with the workers every day to gather water. 

We started out as Life For God Community Orphanage for 3 years. Just this year we were blessed to be able to move forward with becoming an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) We had to change our name as a result of this. Our new name is True Life Orphanage & Outreach. This is our Certification of Incorporation for the Orphanage.

True Life Orphanage and Outreach.   

When the Dexter’s visited from America they brought gifts from their church family and friends. This included clothing, socks, shoes, underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, reading glasses, books, and toys for all the children.  But the best of all was Bibles for over 15 people.  None of us had a Bible. What a treasure.

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